Build a CMS Connect Root Path and Component Paths

When configuring a CMS connection, enter a root path. A root path can save you time when adding CMS Connect components to your pages in Experience Builder. A root path uses placeholders for the common parts of content URLs. Root paths from Adobe Experience Manager, for example, start with /content. Instead of entering the full path for each component, enter only the component-specific part of the path.

The full path to a banner component is:

Enter content/capricorn/{language} for the root path, and enter /banner.html for the component path in the Builder.

Entering a root path isn’t necessary when setting up a connection. If you leave it blank, you must enter full paths for your header, footer, and components (content fragments).

You can include placeholders for language and component in your root path. If you don’t include them, we add them in invisibly.

This root path:

is read as:

If you include the {language} placeholder explicitly, you must enable language mapping and enter at least 1 language to save your connection. If you don’t include the placeholder, you can still enable language mapping and add languages.

Root paths can point only to HTML. They can’t point to JPG files.