Manage CMS Connections

You can enable and disable CMS Connect connections and change their load order.

If your site has multiple CMS connections, you can decide the order in which they load. The order mostly affects any CSS and JavaScript in your connections. Consider their dependencies on each other, and set the load order accordingly.

For example, suppose one of your connections has the JavaScript library jquery, and another connection relies on jquery. Set the connection with jquery to load first so that the other one can load.

Header and footer always render first regardless of the load order of your connections.

You can’t delete a CMS connection after it’s been created, but you can disable it. Disabling a connection means:

  • Its content isn’t rendered
  • Its load order is ignored when connections are loaded

If you try to add content to a page for a connection that’s disabled, you get an error message.

  1. Open Experience Workspaces.
  2. Click Content Management | CMS Connect.
  3. Click Action selection arrow next to the connection that you want, and choose Enable or Disable.