Retrieve CMS Channels with a Connected App

Before you can retrieve CMS content, you need the ID of a CMS channel that has access to the content. Use the Connect REST API’s CMS delivery channels resource to get a list of CMS channels with a connected app. If the request is successful, the response contains a JSON object with the available channels.

To send an API call to get CMS channels, make an HTTP GET request to the /services/data/v{XX.X}/connect/cms/delivery/channels resource.

Include an Authorization header with the value Bearer {access_token}, where access_token is your CMS access token. Optionally, specify the response format with a Content-Type header.

This Node.js sample requests the CMS channels from CMS.

In response to the API request, the API returns an HTTP response code and a JSON body with an object containing the available channels and pagination details.

This sample shows the response body from the previous sample request to retrieve channels.