Set Up the Connect API Postman Collection

To set up the Salesforce Data Cloud Connect REST API Postman collection, fork, configure, and authenticate the collection.

  1. Use the Postman web app or download and install the Postman desktop app.
  2. Fork the collection in Postman.
  3. On the collection's Variables tab, assign a value to the loginUrl collection variable based on your Salesforce org type.
    • Keep if you are using a production org, Trailhead Playground, or Developer Edition org.
    • Use https://test.salesforce.comfor sandboxes or scratch orgs.
    • Use a custom My Domain base URL for an org with a custom domain.
  1. Save your changes.
  2. On the collection's Authorization tab, click Get New Access Token.
  3. When prompted, log in to your Salesforce org and allow access to Salesforce APIs Collection for Postman.
  4. From the token details view, copy the value of the instance_url field.
  5. Click Use Token.
  6. On the collection's Variables tab, replace the dne_cdpInstanceUrl current value with the value copied from the instance_url field.
  7. Save your changes.

Note: Postman's test functionality parses the response body and sets the variables for dne_cdpAuthToken and dne_cdpInstanceUrl that are used in subsequent Connect API requests.