Event Relay

Use Event Relay to send platform events and change data capture events from Salesforce to Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using Event Relay in Salesforce with Amazon EventBridge in AWS, your Salesforce event-driven apps can use AWS services to process events or send events to third-party and SaaS integrations. You can also send platform events from AWS to Salesforce, where subscribers can process them using Salesforce Platform capabilities.

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.
Not Available in: Non-Hyperforce Public Cloud, Government Cloud, and Hyperforce instances. For a list of the unsupported instances, see "Public Cloud Instances" and "Hyperforce Instances" in Where is my Salesforce instance located? To determine which instance your Salesforce org is on, see View instance information for your Salesforce Organization.

With Event Relay, you don’t need an integration app to subscribe to events from Salesforce and publish them to AWS. After you set up an event relay, each custom platform event or change data capture event that is published to the Salesforce event bus is automatically forwarded to an event bus in Amazon EventBridge.

Also, you can publish event messages from AWS back to Salesforce using EventBridge API destinations. The bidirectional event flow between Salesforce and AWS enables your event-driven apps to use the capabilities of AWS services and the Salesforce Platform.

Event relay for the Salesforce event bus and Amazon EventBridge

To learn more about Amazon EventBridge, see What Is Amazon EventBridge? in the AWS documentation. To learn more about event relay and platform events, refer to these resources.