Activate the Event Bus in AWS Amazon EventBridge

When you create an event relay configuration in Salesforce, Salesforce creates a partner event source in Amazon EventBridge in pending status. Associate the event bus with the partner event source so that the event source is ready to receive events from Salesforce.

To activate the partner event source and associate the event bus to it:

  1. Get the event source name by querying EventRelayFeedback in the data REST API and getting the RemoteResource field.

    • In Postman, under REST, click Query. Under Query Params, add this text for the q parameter, and replace Relay_Id_Placeholder with the EventRelayConfig ID that you saved earlier.

    Alternatively, you can run the query using the Query Editor in the Developer Console.

    The query returns a response similar to this response.

  2. Copy the RemoteResource value.

  3. Navigate to, and sign in using your AWS account credentials.

  4. In the Search box, type Amazon EventBridge, and click Amazon EventBridge under Services.

  5. In Amazon Eventbridge, under Integration, click Partner event sources.

  6. In the search box, enter the name of your event source, the RemoteResource value, that you just obtained in the query.

  7. Select your event source, and click Associate with event bus. The status of the event source changes to Active.

Activate the event bus in Amazon EventBridge