Choose an Event Relay Resumption Option After Error Recovery

After an error occurs, the event relay attempts to recover and resumes after the last relayed event. If it can't resume from the last relayed event, it uses the EventRelayConfig relayOption field to determine how to resume. If the relayOption field is not specified, the default option is to resume by relaying new events received only. Events that were missed during the error state and that are stored in the event bus aren't relayed. You can override this option and have the event relay resume from the events stored in the event bus. This option sends new events and any other events less than 72 hours old. You can reprocess all stored events and catch up on missed events.

When you create an event relay, add the relayOption field with the desired value in the EventRelayConfig POST request. Or you can update an event relay by performing a PATCH request for EventRelayConfig and supplying a value for relayOption. For more details about this field, see EventRelayConfig in the Tooling API Developer Guide and EventRelayConfig in the Metadata API Developer Guide.