Keep these considerations in mind when using Event Relay.

The Event Relay service is globally available and can connect Salesforce orgs in first-party data centers to AWS accounts in any region. Customer understands and agrees that the Event Relay service processes data, including Customer Data, on Hyperforce (a Salesforce-controlled Amazon Web Services instance), and such processing may occur in a region outside of the region in which Customer’s Salesforce org is located.


  • Processing occurs in the United States region.

Events aren’t persisted or stored outside the region your org is located.

The Event Relay service isn’t available for Salesforce orgs that run on the Hyperforce infrastructure. If you use event relays and your org migrates to Hyperforce, you can no longer use event relays to forward events from Salesforce to Amazon EventBridge. However, you can implement a workaround that mimics event relays. To learn how to implement a workaround, contact Salesforce Customer Success.

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