Event Type, Size, and Features

  • The event types that Event Relay supports are:
    • Custom high-volume platform events
    • Change data capture events
  • Standard platform events, including real-time monitoring events, aren’t supported.
  • Standard-volume custom platform events aren’t supported.
  • The maximum event message size that Salesforce supports for published and received events is 1 MB.
  • The maximum event message size that Amazon EventBridge supports for incoming and outgoing events is 256 KB. If an event message larger than 256 KB is relayed from Salesforce to EventBridge, the event isn’t delivered to EventBridge.

These features aren’t supported with Event Relay.

  • Platform event and change data capture event encryption at rest with Shield Platform Encryption
  • Change data capture event enrichment
  • Stream filtering for change data capture or platform events
  • Salesforce Private Connect
  • Developer Edition orgs with namespaces