Start the Event Relay

The event relay configuration is created in a stopped state, and no events are relayed from Salesforce to AWS until you start the event relay. This extra step gives you a chance to check that you have the right configuration for the AWS account and region. After checking that the AWS information is correct, start the event relay by updating the state field in EventRelayConfig.

To update an EventRelayConfig:Customize Application
To use REST API:API Enabled
  1. Get the ID of the event relay configuration that you created earlier. The ID is in the format 7k2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

  2. Send a PATCH request to this URI after replacing the placeholder value for the event relay ID.

    • If you use Postman, under Tooling, click Post Tooling SObject, change POST to PATCH, replace the :SOBJECT_API_NAME placeholder with EventRelayConfig/, and then append the event relay config ID.


  3. Use this request body for the PATCH request, and replace the FullName value with the full name of EventRelayConfig.

    A successful PATCH operation returns the 204 No Content HTTP status.

You can only update the MasterLabel and State fields on EventRelayConfig. You can’t update other fields.

After setting up the event relay configurations, you can validate receiving the events in AWS and process the events with AWS services.