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Salesforce Functions lets you use the Customer 360 Platform for building event-driven, elastically scalable apps and experiences. Salesforce Functions is designed to boost developer productivity by reducing your infrastructure responsibilities and enabling you to build and integrate Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) apps using the languages and tools of your choice.

The Functions developer workflow will typically involve the following steps:

Develop your Function, using the programming language of your choice (JavaScript or Java). Use your favorite development environment on your local workstation. Once you're ready to test, you can run your Function locally and validate using scratch or sandbox orgs.

Deploy your developed Function to the Salesforce Functions infrastructure. Use Salesforce Functions compute environments to manage your Functions application lifecycle. Integrate Functions into your CI/CD system as needed.

Invoke your deployed Function in your sandbox or production orgs. Use Apex to securely offload heavy compute tasks to your Functions without worrying about Salesforce org limits. Through Apex, you can include Function invocation in your Salesforce application workflow via Flow, Lightning Web Components, or many other Salesforce features.

This site provides documentation and samples that help you develop, deploy, and invoke Functions. Whether you're developing your own complex Functions, or integrating someone else's Functions into your org, everything you need to know is right here.

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