sf-fx-runtime-nodejs / InvocationEvent

Interface: InvocationEvent<A>

An InvocationEvent is representative of the data associated with the occurrence of an event, and supporting metadata about the source of that occurrence.

The payload of the event

Readonly data: A

The media type of the event payload that is accessible in data

Optional Readonly dataContentType: string

The schema that the event payload adheres to.

Optional Readonly dataSchema: string

The platform event occurrence id for event invocation.

Readonly id: string

An URI which identifies the context in which an event happened. Often this will include information such as the type of the event source, the organization publishing the event, or the process that produced the event.

Readonly source: string

The timestamp of when the occurrence happened. If the time of the occurrence cannot be determined then this attribute may be set to some other time (such as the current time), however all producers for the same source must be consistent in this respect. In other words, either they all use the actual time of the occurrence or they all use the same algorithm to determine the value used.

Optional Readonly time: string

A value describing the type of invocation. The format of this is producer defined and might include information such as the version of the type.

Readonly type: string