Get Related List Metadata

API v57.0 and later

The relatedListByName type returns metadata for a related list in a page layout. The response includes metadata describing fields, relationships, the columns in the list, and the list’s sort order. Only objects supported by UI API are available for querying.

Pass in the relatedListByName type in the uiapi field. For example, to return metadata for the Opportunity related list on the Account object, use parentApiName: "Account" and relatedListName: "Opportunities".

Query relatedListByName by following this schema.

The RelatedListInfo type includes fields for the related list metadata.

The RelatedListInfo type contains these fields.

  • childApiName: The API name of a supported child object.
  • displayColumns: All display columns for the related list.
  • fieldApiName: The API name of the field in the child object that links to the parent object.
  • label: The related list display label, for example, "Opportunities".
  • orderedByInfo: Ordering information for the related list.
  • parentApiName: The API name of a supported parent object.
  • relatedListName: The name of a supported related list for an object, such as Opportunities.

The ListColumn type represents metadata for a column in the related list.

The ListColumn type contains these fields.

  • fieldApiName: The API name for the column field.
  • label: The label of the column field.
  • lookupId: The ID of the column field if the field is a reference. If the field isn’t a reference, the value can be null.
  • sortable: Indicates whether the column is sortable.

The ListOrder type represents the ordering information for a related list.

The ListOrder type contains these fields.

  • fieldApiName: The API name for the field.
  • sortDirection: The sort order specified by the ResultOrder enum.

The ListOrder type contains an enum definition for the sortDirection field.

The ResultOrder enumeration specifies whether the results are ordered in ascending or descending order.

This example fetches the metadata for the Opportunities related list on an Account.

The previous query returns this response.