API End-of-Life Policy

Salesforce is committed to supporting each API version for a minimum of 3 years from the date of first release. To mature and improve the quality and performance of the API, versions that are over 3 years old may be deprecated or retired.

Salesforce notifies customers who use an API version scheduled for deprecation at least 1 year before support for the version ends.

Lightning Web Components (LWC) was generally available in Spring '19 and is supported in Salesforce API version 45.0 and later.

Custom components can use wire adapters to make calls to Salesforce APIs like Connect REST API and UI API. Review the API End-Of-Life Policy in the corresponding developer guides.

If you request any resource or use an operation from a retired API version, REST API returns the 410:GONE error code.

To identify requests made from old or unsupported API versions, use the free API Total Usage event type.

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