Migration Strategy

The programming model for Lightning Web Components is fundamentally different than the model for Aura components. Migrating a component is not a line-by-line conversion, and it's a good opportunity to revisit your component's design. Before you migrate an Aura component, evaluate the component’s attributes, interfaces, structures, patterns, and data flow.

The easiest components to migrate are simple components that only render UI. You get more gains in performance and developer productivity by migrating larger trees of components (components within components) rather than an individual component. However, it's a useful learning experience to migrate one component and see how concepts in the Aura programming model map to concepts in the Lightning Web Components programming model.

After migrating one component, you'll be in a better position to determine whether it makes sense for you and your org to:

  • Undertake a larger migration effort
  • Use Lightning web components for new components only
  • Stick with Aura components for now

The choice is down to you and differs for everyone, depending on use cases and available resources. Whatever decision you make, migrating a component is a valuable learning exercise.