Updates a specific CRM Analytics user Xmd by dataset ID.

updateXmd uses this CRM Analytics API resource.

  • datasetId— (Required) The ID of the dataset.
  • versionId— (Required) The ID of the dataset version.
  • xmdType— (Required) The type of the Xmd. The only valid value for update is user
  • xmd— (Required) The Xmd to update. Use an Xmd Input resource.
  • A Promise object that resolves with the Xmd response.

Use updateXmd to allow users to change formats for measures and dimensions in a dataset. This example adds an update button to a page with datasets. The page must contain form elements for the information required to update the Xmd for a dataset. Updating an Xmd displays a toast message using the lightning/platformShowToastEvent module.

This button calls the updateXmd() method.