getRecordNotifyChange(recordIds) (Deprecated)

Deprecated. Use notifyRecordUpdateAvailable(recordIds) instead. getRecordNotifyChange(recordIds) fetches record updates for the specified record IDs and refreshes the Lightning Data Service cache, providing your wire adapters with the latest record data. getRecordNotifyChange(recordIds) isn’t suitable for use with multiple adapters that return data of the same type.

getRecordNotifyChange(recordIds) is deprecated. We recommend that you use notifyRecordUpdateAvailable(recordIds) instead.

  • items—(Required) An array of objects with an object shape of { recordId: string }. The record ID can be either 15 or 18 characters long, and it must be from a supported object.

The return type is void.

To notify Lightning Data Service that a record has changed outside its mechanisms, such as via imperative Apex or by calling User Interface API via a third-party framework, use notifyRecordUpdateAvailable(recordIds) instead.

Calling getRecordNotifyChange(recordIds) signals that the data for the provided recordIds has changed, so that the Lightning Data Service cache and wires can be updated as needed.

If you’re using an @wire to get record data via an Apex method, simply call refreshApex(), which uses the configuration bound to the @wire to get the data and update the cache.

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