CalendarService Constants

CalendarService defines and uses several constants. Each of the following constants enumerates the accepted string values for the associated properties.

All of the following constants are available as properties on an instance of CalendarService.

Constant NamesAccepted ValuesDescription
EventAvailability"Busy", "Free", "Tentative"Correlates with the availability property on the Event object.
EventStatus"Cancelled", "Confirmed", "Tentative"Correlates with the status property on the Event object.
ParticipantRole"Required", "Optional", "Unknown"Correlates with the role property on the Participant object.
ParticipantStatus"Accepted", "Declined", "Pending", "Tentative", "Unknown"Correlates with the status property on the Participant object.
RecurrenceFrequency"Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", "Yearly"Correlates with the frequency property on the RecurrenceRule object.
Weekday"Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday"Correlates with the dayOfTheWeek property on the RecurrenceDayOfWeek object.
Span"ThisEvent", "ThisAndFollowingEvents"Correlates with the span property on the CalendarServiceOptions object.

Correlates with the code property on the CalendarServiceFailure object.

Accepted ValueDescription
"USER_DENIED_PERMISSION"A user denied permission to calendar access when prompted.
"NOT_FOUND"A specified item (either a calendar or an event) wasn’t found.
"SERVICE_NOT_ENABLED"CalendarService isn’t enabled and can’t be used.
"UNKNOWN_REASON"An error has occurred in the native code that isn’t permission-based. More information is available in the CalendarServiceFailure message.