Retrieves a collection of CRM Analytics dataflow jobs.

getDataflowJobs uses this CRM Analytics API resource.

  • dataflowId— (Optional) Filters the collection to only contain dataflow jobs tied to this specific dataflow. The ID must start with '02K'.
  • licenseType— (Optional) The response includes CRM Analytics assets with this license type. The default is EinsteinAnalytics.
    • Cdp (Data Cloud)
    • DataPipelinesQuery (Data Pipelines Query)
    • EinsteinAnalytics (CRM Analytics)
    • IntelligentApps (Intelligent Apps)
    • MulesoftDataPath (Mulesoft Data Path)
    • Sonic (Salesforce Data Pipelines)
  • page— (Optional) Generated token that indicates the view of dataflow jobs to be returned.
  • pageSize— (Optional) Number of items to be returned in a single page. Minimum is 1, maximum is 200, and the default is 25.
  • q— (Optional) Search terms. Individual terms are separated by spaces. A wildcard is automatically appended to the last token in the query string. If the user’s search query contains quotation marks or wildcards, those symbols are automatically removed from the query string in the URL along with any other special characters.
  • status— (Optional) Filters the collection to only contain dataflow jobs with a specific runtime status.
    • Failure
    • Queued
    • Running
    • Success
    • Warning

If a page or pageSize parameter isn’t provided, the response includes only the dataflow jobs run in the last 7 days. To see jobs older than 7 days, provide a page or pageSize parameter.