Use this wire adapter to get records for a batch of RelatedLists.

See Get a Batch of Related List Records with a Request Body.

  • parentRecordId—(Required) The ID of the parent record that you want to get related lists for, like an Account ID.
  • relatedListParameters—(Required) An array of related list parameter collections. The parameters are:
    • relatedListId—(Required) The API name of a related list object, like Contacts, Opportunities, or Cases.
    • fields—(Optional) The API names of the related list’s column fields.
    • optionalFields—(Optional) The API names of additional fields in the related list.
    • pageSize—(Optional) The number of list records to return per page.
    • sortBy—(Optional) An array of field API names to sort the related list by. Accepts only one value per request.
    • where—(Optional) The filter to apply to related list records, in GraphQL syntax.

This code example fetches a batch of related list records by parent ID and multiple related list objects, then iterates through the list of records.

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