Use this wire adapter to get RelatedList records.

See Get Related List Records with a Request Body.

  • parentRecordId—(Required) The ID of the parent record that you want to get related lists for, like an Account ID.
  • relatedListId—(Required) The API name of a related list object, like Contacts, Opportunities, or Cases.
  • fields—(Optional) The API names of the related list’s column fields.
  • optionalFields—(Optional) The API names of additional fields in the related list.
  • pageSize—(Optional) The number of list records to return per page.
  • sortBy—(Optional) An array of field API names to sort the related list by. Accepts only one value per request.
  • where—(Optional) The filter to apply to related list records, in GraphQL syntax.

This code example fetches the related list records by parent ID and related list object, then iterates through the list of records.

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