listContent (Beta)

Retrieves published content from a Salesforce CMS workspace to use in a custom Lightning web component in an Aura or LWR site in Experience Cloud.

To get Salesforce CMS content from an enhanced CMS workspace for an enhanced LWR site, use the experience/cmsDeliveryApi module’s getContent wire adapter instead.

See Managed Content Delivery, Experience Cloud Site.

  • communityId—(Required) The ID for the site where you want to use CMS content.
  • contentKeys—(Optional) List of up to 50 content keys for the CMS content. A content key is a universally unique identifier (UUID) that’s 28 characters long, such as MCA4CCV5QS2BAB5H7YRCRPTCWGZQ.
  • topics—(Optional) Comma-separated list of up to 15 content topic names.
  • page—(Optional) Number of the page you are requesting. Starts at 0. If you don’t specify a value or if you specify 0, the first page is returned.
  • pageSize—(Optional) Specifies the number of items per page. Valid values are from 1 through 250. For performance reasons, we recommend 25 or fewer items per page. If you don’t specify a value, the default size is 25.
  • language—(Optional) Language for the managed content, for example, en_US corresponds to English (US). If the requested translation isn’t available, the language defaults to the context user’s language. If the context user’s language isn’t available, the language defaults to the content type’s original language.
  • managedContentType—(Optional) The developer name of the managed content type whose content you want to query.
  • showAbsoluteUrl—(Optional) Specifies whether to show absolute URLs in the response body (true) or not (false). If you don’t specify a value, the default is false.