Select the Locker API Version for an Org

Select the API version used by Lightning Locker across your org. The default is the current API version, which includes the latest Locker security enhancements. Select an earlier API version when custom components only comply with Locker in an older version. When components become compliant with the current security enhancements, you can change the setting to the current API version.

After your sandbox org updates to a new Salesforce release, it’s possible that custom components conflict with Lightning Locker security enhancements. Check the web console for messages.

We recommend updating your custom components to comply with the latest Locker API version, but we know that updates can take some time. Your org could also depend on managed packages containing custom components that third-party developers must update. Set your org to use an older Locker API version to give developers time to update custom Lightning components and comply with Locker’s latest security enhancements.

Verify in a sandbox org that custom components perform correctly with the Locker API version set to the latest. Then you can change the Locker API version to the latest in your production org to take advantage of the latest security enhancements.

The Locker API version setting is first available in the Winter ’20 release. The earliest Locker API version you can select is 46.0, which enables the Locker features of the Summer ’19 release.

The Locker API version for the org affects all Lightning components used in the areas listed in What Does Lightning Locker Affect?.

The Locker API version for the org has no effect on Lightning web components when Lightning Web Security is enabled in the org.

Every Lightning web component has a configuration file with an apiVersion. The component apiVersion and the Locker API version use the same version number strategy to align with Salesforce releases. However, the org setting for Locker API version has no relation to the component’s apiVersion. The Locker API version set in the org applies to all Lightning components, regardless of their apiVersion setting.

View the security changes in the API versions to help determine compatibility of your custom components.

Locker API VersionSecurity ChangesDescription
53.0 and laterNoneLightning Locker changes in this release don’t impact custom components.
52.0Prevent several potential mutation-based cross-site scripting (mXSS) vectors.Lightning Locker tightened the sanitizing of markup to improve security. This change applies to all the API versions. You can’t roll back this change by selecting an earlier API version.
51.0NoneLightning Locker changes in this release don’t impact custom components.
50.0NoneLightning Locker changes in this release don’t impact custom components.
49.0Restrict APIs used in $A.getCallback()Lightning Locker wraps the $A.getCallback() function. JavaScript that is wrapped by $A.getCallback() must adhere to Locker’s security restrictions. See the Locker API Viewer for support status of JavaScript APIs in Lightning Locker.
48.0Sanitize HTML inserted with execCommandLightning Locker sanitizes HTML that’s inserted using document.execCommand(insertHTML) to remove potentially malicious executable script content.
47.0Reject import() expressionsLightning Locker doesn't allow the import() expression because importing third-party code is a potential security risk.
 Restrict the name and id properties of an HTML elementLightning Locker doesn't allow the name or id attribute to be set to property names that are reserved for the DOM.
46.0All Locker security featuresSupports all Lightning Locker features since its introduction, when it was called LockerService. This includes all features in version 37.0 (Spring '16) through version 46.0 (Summer '19) releases.
  1. From Setup, enter Session in the Quick Find box, and then select Session Settings.
  2. In the Locker API Version section, for the Use security enhancements in API version field, select the API version.
  3. Click Save.

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