Which Components Are Supported by Lightning Web Security

Lightning Web Security is generally available for Lightning web components and Aura components. LWS affects custom Lightning components created in your org or installed through packages.

If you’re not sure if your org has custom Lightning components, use Setup to list the components in your org.

From Setup, type Lightning Components in Quick Find and select Lightning Components.

Setup's Lightning Components page lists components in an org

The Lightning Components page lists your org's components, indicating the type and whether components are from managed packages.

  • The Type column specifies Aura or LWC. Sort the list by type to group and quickly see any LWCs.
  • The Managed package icon icon indicates a component is from a managed package. Such components can only be modified by the owner of the AppExchange app. If there’s no icon displayed, the component is not managed and the code can be modified if necessary.

If the Lightning Components list is empty, Lightning Web Security doesn’t affect your org.

If custom Lightning components are listed, see When to Enable Lightning Web Security.