Create Components for Forecasts Pages

Create custom Lightning web components that are available in Lightning forecasts pages.

In the component’s configuration file, add the lightning__ForecastingPage target and set <isExposed> to true.

The lightning__ForecastingPage target adds properties to your component. Declare the properties in the component’s JavaScript file.

For a list of properties supported by the lightning__ForecastingPage target, see Lightning Aura Components Developer Guide: Create Components for Forecast Pages.

When the Lightning forecasts page changes, such as owner or forecast type, the page header publishes a Lightning message. You can subscribe to the lightning__forecasting_flexipageUpdated LightningMessageChannel to update your custom components based on Lightning forecasts page header changes.

Lightning forecasts pages don’t support any standard or custom events published from custom components.

Access the properties in the component’s template.

To ensure that custom components appear correctly, enable them to adjust to variable widths.