Supported Data Types in Flows

Not all custom Lightning web component data types are supported in flows. You can map only these types and their associated collection types between flows and custom Lightning web components.

Flow Data TypeLightning Web Components Data TypeValid Values
Apex (Flow Label: Apex-Defined)Custom Apex classApex classes that define @AuraEnabled fields. Supported data types in an Apex class are Boolean, Integer, Long, Decimal, Double, Date, DateTime, and String. Each data type supports single values and Lists.
BooleanBooleanTrue values:
  • true
  • 1
  • An equivalent expression
False values:
  • false
  • 0
  • An equivalent expression
CurrencyIntegerNumeric value or equivalent expression
DateDate"YYYY-MM-DD" or equivalent expression
DateTime (Flow Label: Date/Time)DateTime"YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ" or equivalent expression
NumberNumberNumeric value or equivalent expression
Multipicklist (Flow Label: Multi-Select Picklist)StringString value or equivalent expression using a semi-colon delimited format: "Blue; Green; Yellow"
PicklistStringString value or equivalent expression
sObject (Flow Label: Record)The API name of the specific object such as Account or CaseMap of key-value pairs or equivalent expression. Flow record values map only to attributes whose type is the specific object. For example, an account record variable can be mapped only to an attribute whose type is Account. Flows don’t support the Object data type.
String (Flow Label: Text)StringString value or equivalent expression