Example: Standard Flow Component to Standard Flow Component

Using your standard Flow components is the simplest way to achieve reactivity.

With standard Flow components, you add the components, provide API names for each and a label (if required), identify the source and reactive component, then save and run the flow.

To make a Name component’s First Name field react to and display all text input from a Text component:

  1. From your flow, add the Text component and Name component and provide the labels for each.
  2. In the Name component’s First Name’s source field, choose the Text component as the source. The source can be any component of the same type, in this case, the Text component’s type and the Name component’s First Name field are of type String.
  3. Save and run the Flow, and in the Text component’s input, type, This is Reactivity. After each character is typed, the First Name field updates immediately.