Lightning Message Service Limitations

Keep the following in mind when working with Lightning message service.

Lightning message service supports only the following experiences:

  • Lightning Experience standard navigation

  • Lightning Experience console navigation

  • Salesforce mobile app for Aura and Lightning Web Components, but not for Visualforce pages

  • Lightning components used in Aura and LWR-based Experience Builder sites.

    Lightning Message Service doesn't work with Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce sites or with Visualforce pages in Experience Builder sites.

In containers that don’t support Lightning messaging service, use the pubsub module. Download the module from

The pubsub module is not officially supported or actively maintained.

When including message channels in packages that you publish on AppExchange, 1GP and 2GP packages are supported.

For Lightning web components, you can define the scope of where subscribing components receive messages in your application only when using @wire(MessageContext).