Create a Message Channel

To create a Lightning message channel, use the LightningMessageChannel metadata type.

To deploy a LightningMessageChannel into your org, create an SFDX project. Include the XML definition in the force-app/main/default/messageChannels/ directory. The LightningMessageChannel file name follows the format messageChannelName.messageChannel-meta.xml.

For an example metadata file, see Metadata API Developer Guide: LightningMessageChannel.

To add it to your scratch org or another type of org, such as a sandbox or a Developer Edition org, run sf project deploy start.

Here’s how to import a Lightning message channel that a component can use to communicate via the Lightning Message Service.

Record_Selected__c refers to a custom instance of the LightningMessageChannel metadata type. Although it uses the __c suffix, it isn’t a custom object.

  • channelName—An imported symbol that identifies the message channel.
  • channelReference—The API name of the message channel in the format Channel_Name__c.
  • namespace—If the message channel is in a managed package, this value is the namespace of the managed package. If the message channel is not in a managed package, do not include a namespace.