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A router container provides navigation context by processing all navigation wires and events from its descendants in the DOM.

routerRouter objectOptionalObtained from the createRouter() API.
history-disabledBooleanOptionalSet history-disabled to true if your router container shouldn't alter the browser's History API during navigation events or location changes.

A router container fires these events:

  • onhandlenavigation

  • onprenavigate

    • Dispatched when a navigation event is received and a RouteDefinition match is found. event.preventDefault() cancels the navigation event. event.detail is a RouteChange object.

  • onpostnavigate

    • Dispatched when a navigation event has completed. event.detail is a DomRoutingMatch object for the current location.

  • onerrornavigate

    • Dispatched when there's an error processing a navigation event. (For example, no RouteDefinition match or a prenavigate cancellation.) event.detail is a MessageObject.

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