To configure a router module with the Router Module Provider, you have to set up both LwrRouterConfig and LwrConfigRouteDefinition.

The LwrRouterConfig object, which is passed to the Router Module Provider, contains the same properties as RouterConfig, which is passed to createRouter().

basePathStringOptionalA path prefix applied to all URIs for the router. If no base path is provided, the default value is empty (" ").
caseSensitiveBooleanOptionalIf true, URIs are processed case sensitively. The default value is false.
routesArrayRequiredAn array of LwrConfigRouteDefinition objects.
i18nArrayOptionalAn i18n config that may affect the path prefix applied to all URIs. The default value is {locale: 'en-US', defaultLocale: 'en-US'}.

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