Login Screen Customization

Although Mobile SDK doesn’t control the Salesforce login page, you can still customize and brand it in certain cases.

On iOS, you can also configure some properties of the login page, including the navigation bar and Settings icon. See Customizing the iOS Login Screen Programmatically

Salesforce Mobile SDK provides an OAuth implementation for its client apps, but it doesn’t define or control the login page. Instead, it requests the page from the Salesforce server. Salesforce itself then presents a web view that gathers your customer’s credentials. The login web view is not part of your Mobile SDK app.

To change the login web view on the server side, use either your My Domain or an Experience Cloud site.

Both of these features provide handy utilities for login page branding and customization. To use your branded page, you set the default login URL of your Mobile SDK app to the Experience Cloud site custom domain or My Domain subdomain address. Your app then displays your customized login page.

Use the following links to learn about these features.