About Backbone Technology

The Mobile Sync library, mobilesync.js, provides extensions to the open-source Backbone JavaScript library. The Backbone library defines key building blocks for structuring your web application:

  • Models with key-value binding and custom events, for modeling your information
  • Collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, for containing your data sets
  • Views with declarative event handling, for displaying information in your models
  • A router for controlling navigation between views

Salesforce Mobile Sync extends the Model and Collection core Backbone objects to connect them to the Salesforce REST API. Mobile Sync also provides optional offline support through SmartStore, the secure storage component of the Mobile SDK.

To learn more about Backbone,  see http://backbonejs.org/ and http://backbonetutorials.com/. You can also search online for “backbone javascript” to find a wealth of tutorials and videos.