Model Collections

Model collections in Mobile Sync are containers for query results. Query results stored in a model collection can come from the server via SOQL, SOSL, or MRU queries. Optionally, they can also come from the cache via SmartSQL (if the cache is SmartStore), or another query mechanism if you use an alternate cache.

Model collection objects are instances of Force.SObjectCollection, a subclass of the Backbone.Collection class. SObjectCollection extends Collection to work with Salesforce APIs and, optionally, with SmartStore.

Force.SObjectCollection adds the following properties to Backbone.Collection:


Required. Defines the records the collection can hold (using SOQL, SOSL, MRU or SmartSQL).


For updatable offline storage of records. The Mobile Sync comes bundled with Force.StoreCache, a cache implementation that’s backed by SmartStore.


Contains original copies of records fetched from server to support conflict detection.

You can assign values for model collection properties in several ways:

  • As properties on a Force.SObject instance
  • As methods on a Force.SObject sub-class
  • In the options parameter of the fetch(), save(), or destroy() function call

For example, these code snippets are equivalent.