JavaScript Files for Hybrid Apps

Mobile SDK uses the following external dependencies for various features of hybrid apps.

External JavaScript FileDescription
jquery.jsPopular HTML utility library
underscore.jsMobile Sync support
backbone.jsMobile Sync support

Beginning with Mobile SDK 2.3, the Cordova utility copies the Cordova plug-in files your application needs to your project’s platform directories. You don’t need to add those files to your www/ folder.

Files that you include in your HTML code (with a <script> tag> depend on the type of hybrid project. For each type described here, include all files in the list.

For basic hybrid apps:

  • cordova.js

To make REST API calls from a basic hybrid app:

  • cordova.js
  • force.js

To use Mobile Sync in a hybrid app:

  • jquery.js
  • underscore.js
  • backbone.js
  • cordova.js
  • force.js
  • mobilesync.js