Install Node.js, npm, and Git Command Line

Many mobile developers want to use Mobile SDK as a “black box” and begin creating apps as quickly as possible. For this use case, Mobile SDK offers a variety of npm command line scripts that help you create apps. If you plan to take advantage of these npm tools, you first install Node.js. The Node.js installer automatically installs npm. You also install the latest version of the Git command line.

Mobile SDK 11.1 tools use the following minimum versions:

  • npm 3.10
  • Git command line (latest version)

Mobile SDK npm tool installation is optional but recommended for native iOS development. The tools are highly recommended for all other platforms.

  1. Download the Node.js installer from

  2. Run the installer, accepting all prompts that ask for permission to install. This module installs both node.js and npm.

  3. Test your installation at a command prompt by running the npm command. If you don’t see a page of command usage information, revisit Step 2 to find out what’s missing.

  4. If your command line doesn’t recognize the git command, go to to download and install the latest Git package for your system.

    The git command line utility is included with Xcode.

Now you’re ready to download the Salesforce Mobile SDK npm scripts that create iOS and Android apps.