Developing a Native iOS App

Salesforce Mobile SDK for native iOS provides the tools you need to build apps for Apple mobile devices. Features of the SDK include:

  • Swift and Objective-C APIs
  • A network library with wrapper methods that make it easy to call Salesforce REST APIs
  • Fully implemented OAuth login and passcode protocols
  • SmartStore and Mobile Sync libraries for securely managing user data offline

Mobile SDK for native iOS requires you to be proficient in the iOS SDK. You can choose to write your apps in Swift or Objective-C, though we highly recommend using Swift. You also need to be familiar with iOS application development principles and frameworks. If you’re a newbie, is a good place to begin learning. See iOS Basic Requirements for additional prerequisites.

In some Mobile SDK interfaces, you’re required to override some methods and properties. SDK header files include comments that indicate mandatory and optional overrides.