Create an Xcode Swift Project

Where possible, we changed noninclusive terms to align with our company value of Equality. We maintained certain terms to avoid any effect on customer implementations.

In Xcode, create an App project that uses Swift language, the SwiftUI interface, and the UIKit App Delegate life cycle.

  1. In Xcode, select File | New | Project. Or, from the Xcode Welcome screen, select Create a new Xcode project.
  2. On the iOS tab, select App, then click Next.
  3. Assign the following values:
    • Product Name: MyMobileSDKApp
    • Team: A team associated with your Apple Developer account
    • Organization Identifier: A reverse DNS name, such as com.acme.apps
    • Interface: SwiftUI
    • Life Cycle: UIKit App Delegate (This step is not included in Xcode 13 wizards.)
    • Language: Swift
  4. Accept defaults for Use Core Data and Include Tests, then click Next.
  5. Choose a directory for your project, then click Create.
  6. In Xcode, select a recent iPhone model as the active scheme and click Run. The app displays only a blank white screen with the words “Hello, world!”
  7. Click Stop.