About SmartStore

SmartStore provides the primary features of non-relational desktop databases—data segmentation, indexing, querying—along with caching for offline storage.

Where possible, we changed noninclusive terms to align with our company value of Equality. We maintained certain terms to avoid any effect on customer implementations.

Smart SQL no longer requires index paths for all fields referenced in SELECT or WHERE clauses This improvement doesn’t extend to soups that use external storage.

To provide offline synchronization and conflict resolution services, SmartStore uses StoreCache, a Mobile SDK caching mechanism. We recommend that you use StoreCache to manage operations on Salesforce data.

Pure HTML5 apps store offline information in a browser cache. Browser caching isn’t part of Mobile SDK, and we don’t document it here. SmartStore uses storage functionality on the device. This strategy requires a native or hybrid development path.

Objective-C code snippets in this chapter use Account and Opportunity objects, which are predefined in every Salesforce organization. Accounts and opportunities are linked through a master-detail relationship. An account can be the master for more than one opportunity.

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