Adding SmartStore to Existing Android Apps

Hybrid projects created with Mobile SDK 4.0 or later automatically include SmartStore. If you used Mobile SDK 4.0+ to create an Android native project without SmartStore, you can easily add it later.

To add SmartStore to an existing native Android project (Mobile SDK 4.0 or later):

  1. Add the SmartStore library project to your project. In Android Studio, open your project’s build.gradle file and add a compile directive for :libs:SmartStore in the dependencies section. If the dependencies section doesn’t exist, create it.

  2. In your <*projectname*> file, import the SmartStoreSDKManager class instead of SalesforceSDKManager. Replace this statement:

    with this one:

  3. In your <projectname> file, change your App class to extend the SmartStoreSDKManager class rather than SalesforceSDKManager.

  1. To add SmartStore to apps created with Mobile SDK 3.x or earlier, begin by upgrading to the latest version of Mobile SDK.
  2. The SmartStore plugin, com.salesforce.plugin.smartstore.client, uses promises internally.

Mobile SDK promised-based APIs include:

  • force+promise.js
  • The smartstoreclient Cordova plugin (com.salesforce.plugin.smartstore.client)
  • mobilesync.js

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