SmartStore Data Types

Like any database, SmartStore defines a set of data types that you use to create soups. SmartStore data types mirror the underlying SQLite database.

SmartStore supports the following data types for declaring index specs. In a SmartStore soup definition, an index spec defines the data type that SmartStore expects to find in the given field.

integerSigned integer, stored in 4 bytes (SDK 2.1 and earlier) or 8 bytes (SDK 2.2 and later)
floatingFloating point value, stored as an 8-byte IEEE floating point number
stringText string, stored with database encoding (UTF-8)
full_textString that supports full-text searching
JSON1Index type based on the SQLite JSON1 extension. Can be used in place of integer, floating, and string types. Behaves identically to those types of index specs, except that JSON1 does not support index paths that traverse arrays.

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