About This Guide

This guide introduces you to Salesforce Mobile SDK and teaches you how to design, develop, and manage mobile applications for the cloud. Topics cover all platforms supported by Mobile SDK, including

  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • React Native
  • Cordova-based hybrid
  • HTML and JavaScript

This guide is primarily for developers who are already familiar with mobile technology, OAuth2, and REST APIs. It’s most easily accessible to developers who have some Salesforce Platform experience. If that doesn’t exactly describe you, though, don’t worry. We provide resources both for beginners and for more advanced developers. For example, perhaps you're a Salesforce admin who’s developing your first mobile app, or an experienced mobile developer who’s new to Salesforce technology.

We encourage beginners to start with our Mobile SDK Trailhead modules. Afterwards, you can consult this guide as needed for expanding your knowledge. Here are the Mobile SDK trails:

Develop with Mobile SDK

Introduces all supported platforms—iOS, Android, hybrid, and React Native—and surveys Mobile SDK offline features.

Modern Mobile Development with iOS

Augments the iOS beginner trail with Xcode and Swift basics plus more advanced Mobile SDK tutorials.

Shorter, less formal tutorials are scattered throughout this guide.

Salesforce Mobile SDK Development Guide is available in PDF and online formats. You can access either version at developer.salesforce.com/docs.