About Salesforce Mobile Apps

The Salesforce Platform offers two ways to build and deploy enterprise-ready mobile applications.

  • The Salesforce mobile app, available on App Store and Google Play Store, is the fastest way for Salesforce administrators and developers to deliver apps for employees. It offers simple point-and-click tools for administrators and the Lightning web development platform for advanced developers.
  • Salesforce Mobile SDK gives developers the tools to build custom mobile apps with unique user experiences. Mobile SDK lets you produce standalone custom apps that you distribute through the App Store or Google Play Store. These apps can target employees, customers, or partners. You can choose native or web technologies to build these apps while enjoying the same grade of reliability and security found in the Salesforce mobile app.

Mobile SDK offers the following features:

Enterprise Identity & Security

Mobile SDK implements Salesforce login and authentication flows for you. It includes a complete implementation of Salesforce Connected App Policy, so that all users can access their data securely and easily. It supports SAML and advanced authentication flows so that administrators always have full control over data access.

SmartStore Encrypted Database

Mobile databases are useful for building highly responsive apps that also work in any network condition. SmartStore provides an easy way to store and retrieve data locally while supporting a flexible data model. It uses AES-256 encryption to ensure that your data is always protected.

Mobile Sync

Mobile Sync provides a simple API for synchronizing data between your offline database and the Salesforce cloud. With Mobile Sync, developers can focus on the UI and business logic of their application while leaving the complex synchronization logic to Mobile SDK.

Mobile Services

Mobile SDK supports a wide range of platform mobile services, including push notifications, geolocation, analytics, collaboration tools, and business logic in the cloud. These services can supercharge your mobile application and also reduce development time.

Salesforce Communities

With Salesforce Communities and Mobile SDK, developers can build mobile applications that target their customers and partners. These applications benefit from the same enterprise features and reliability as employee apps.

iOS and Android

Mobile SDK supports native development on the two dominant mobile operating systems.

Hybrid and React Native

For JavaScript developers, Mobile SDK offers Cordova-based hybrid apps and React Native apps. These apps access the Mobile SDK libraries through native containers.