Mobile SDK Sample App Using React Native

The best way to get up-to-speed on React Native in Mobile SDK is to study the sample code.

Mobile SDK provides four implementations of the MobileSyncExplorer application, including a React Native version. To use MobileSyncExplorerReactNative, follow the instructions in the MobileSyncExplorerReactNative file.

Here are a few notes about the MobileSyncExplorerReactNative files.

README.mdInstructions to get started
installandroid.jsUse this script to install the Android sample. See for details.
installios.jsUse this script to install the iOS sample. See for details.
iosThe iOS application
androidThe Android application
jsThe JavaScript source files for the application
index.jsApp start page
js/events.js Event model
js/App.jsMobileSyncExplorerReactNativeRoot component (the entire application) (iOS and Android)
js/SearchScreen.jsSearchScreenSearch screen (iOS and Android)
jsContactScreen.jsContactScreenUsed for viewing and editing a single contact (iOS and Android)
js/ContactCell.jsContactCellA single row in the list of results in the search screen (iOS and Android)
js/ContactBadge.jsContactBadgeColored circle with initials used in the search results screen (iOS and Android)
js/Field.jsFieldA field name and value used in the contact screen (iOS and Android)
js/StoreMgr.jsStoreMgrInteracts with SmartStore and the server (via Mobile Sync).
js/NavImgButton.jsNavImgButtonNavigation Bar button
android/Android native project
ios/iOS native project

Most components are shared between iOS and Android. However, some components are platform-specific.