Briefcase Priming Records

Returns a request object that obtains record IDs from briefcases assigned to the connected app.

Mobile SDK provides a custom response object for parsing the results of Briefcase Priming Records requests. See Briefcase Priming Records Response.

Retrieve batches of record IDs in an iterative loop that's controlled by a relay token, as follows:

  • In your first request, set relayToken to null. The response to this request will contain a new relay token.
  • In each subsequent request, set relayToken to the relay token value of the previous response.

In your request, you can also set a timestamp to retrieve only records that changed after the given time.

  • API version (string)
  • Relay token (string; can be null)
  • "Changed after" timestamp (ISO timestamp; can be null)

Request factory method:


Request factory method:


Request factory method:


Request factory method: