Hybrid Sample Apps (Source Only)

Mobile SDK provides only the web app source code for most hybrid sample apps. You can build platform-specific versions of these apps using the Cordova command line. To get the source code, clone the SalesforceMobileSDK-Shared GitHub repository and look in the samples folder. To build these hybrid apps for specific mobile platforms, follow the instructions at Build Hybrid Sample Apps.

  • accounteditor: Uses the Mobile Sync to access Salesforce data.
  • contactexplorer: Uses Cordova to retrieve local device contacts. It also uses the force.js toolkit to implement REST transactions with the Salesforce REST API. The app uses the OAuth2 support in Salesforce SDK to obtain OAuth credentials and then propagates those credentials to force.js by sending a javascript event.
  • fileexplorer: Demonstrates the Files API.
  • mobilesyncexplorer: Demonstrates using mobilesync.js, rather than the Mobile Sync plug-in, for offline synchronization.
  • notesync: Uses non-REST APIs to retrieve Salesforce Notes.
  • simplesyncreact:: Demonstrates a React Native app that uses the Mobile Sync plug-in.
  • smartstoreexplorer: Lets you explore SmartStore APIs.
  • userandgroupsearch: Lets you search for users in groups.
  • userlist: Lists users in an organization. This is the simplest hybrid sample app.
  • usersearch: Lets you search for users in an organization.
  • vfconnector: Wraps a Visualforce page in a native container. This example assumes that your org has a Visualforce page called BasicVFTest. The app first obtains OAuth login credentials using the Salesforce SDK OAuth2 support and then uses those credentials to set appropriate webview cookies for accessing Visualforce pages.