Mobile Sync Sample Apps

Salesforce Mobile SDK provides sample apps that demonstrate how to use Mobile Sync in hybrid apps. Account Editor is the most full-featured of these samples. You can switch to one of the simpler samples by changing the startPage property in the bootconfig.json file.

In your Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS installation directory, double-click the SalesforceMobileSDK.xcworkspace to open it in Xcode. In Xcode Project Navigator, select the Hybrid SDK/AccountEditor project and click Run.

To run the sample in Android Studio, you first add references to basic libraries from your clone of the SalesforceMobileSDK-Android repository. Add the following dependencies to your sample module, setting Scope to “Compile” for each one:

  • libs/SalesforceSDK
  • libs/SmartStore
  • hybrid/SampleApps/AccountEditor

After Android Studio finishes building, click Run ‘<sample_name>’ in the toolbar or menu.