Pub/Sub API and the Expanded Event Bus

Using Pub/Sub API, you can interface with the expanded and improved Salesforce event bus by publishing and subscribing to events. The event bus is a multitenant, multicloud event storage and delivery service based on a publish-subscribe model. The event bus is based on a time-ordered event log, which ensures that event messages are stored and delivered in the order that they’re received by Salesforce. Platform events and change data capture events are published to the event bus, where they’re stored for 72 hours. You can retrieve stored event messages from the event bus with Pub/Sub API. Each event message contains the Replay ID field, represented as replay_id in the protocol specification. It’s an opaque ID that identifies the event in the stream and enables replaying the stream after a specific replay ID.

The expanded event bus service is built outside the main Salesforce CRM stack, which powers Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salsforce’s original products. As a result, the API provides cross-cloud integration capabilities between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and other Salesforce clouds, such as Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Tableau Analytics. It also provides enhanced scalability and performance. Developers can focus on building event-driven apps that scale and integrate across various Salesforce clouds.

Salesforce event bus

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