Java Quick Start for Managed Event Subscriptions (Beta)

In this quick start, you configure a managed subscription, and then use it to subscribe to Order_Event__e events by passing in the managed subscription name. You verify that the managed subscription commits the Replay ID of the last processed event and resumes after the last event when the client disconnects and reconnects.

To learn more about the beta feature, see Managed Event Subscriptions (Beta).

The ManagedSubscribe RPC method is part of a Beta Service. Customer may opt to try such Beta Service in its sole discretion. Any use of the Beta Service is subject to the applicable Beta Services Terms provided at Agreements and Terms.

The quick start provides enough instructions and code snippets to build your own client. The examples are for learning purposes only. They aren’t intended for production use and haven’t undergone thorough functional and performance testing. You can use them as a starting point.

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