These engines are available with Salesforce Code Analyzer.

Rule EngineDescriptionEngine Specification
Salesforce Graph EngineDetects security and quality issues in code as an open-source Salesforce toolsfge
PMDAllows for static analysis of code written in a number of supported languages, including Java, Apex, and Visualforcepmd
PMD-AppExchangeHelps you prepare your managed packages for security reviewpmd-appexchange
CPDIdentifies blocks of duplication across filescpd
ESLintEvaluates Javascript codeeslint
ESLint Lightning Web ComponentEvaluates Salesforce Lightning Web Componentseslint-lwc
ESLint TypescriptEvaluates any targeted TypeScript (.ts) fileseslint-typescript
RetireJSAnalyzes a project’s third-party JavaScript dependencies and identifies security vulnerabilitiesretire-js